Terodde – who else? Cologne wins 3:1 in Bielefeld

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1st FC Cologne has consolidated its lead in the 2nd Bundesliga thanks to “Jubilar” Simon Terodde. The relegated Bundesliga player celebrated his third consecutive victory at the start of the eighth matchday at Arminia Bielefeld with a “double pack” from Terodde (45.+1, 70.) with 3:1 (1:0).

In front of 26,283 spectators on the sold out “Alm”, Terodde had two reasons to be happy: his goal for the 1-0 lead was the 100th second-league goal of the 30-year-old, for whom twelve goals of the season have already been scored. Bielefeld’s Keanu Staude (85th) provided an exciting final phase with his following goal, Jhon Cordoba (90.+5) made everything clear with the third Cologne goal.

Cologne earned the fourth victory in the fourth away game due to a chance plus. In addition the team of coach Markus beginning convinced by their duel strength. The shortcoming of the place masters was the lack of drive to the opponent’s goal: Bielefeld could hardly earn a significant opportunity. Staude’s goal was not enough to win a point.

Best Cologne players were Terodde and Dominick Drexler, who prepared both Terodde goals. In the team of the hosts convinced goalkeeper Stefan Ortega as well as Stephan Salger.

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Holstein Kiel has finished his negative run in the 2nd Soccer Bundesliga and celebrated the first victory after three games without success. The North Germans won in an open exchange of blows with 4:2 (3:2) against Darmstadt 98 and jumped to sixth place in the table. Darmstadt conceded the third defeat in a row despite a long majority and has to orient himself downwards in the table.

Benjamin Girth (12.), Alexander M├╝hling (23.), Janni Serra (32.) and David Kinsombi (70.) scored for Kiel, the Darmst├Ądter goals went to the account of Tobias Kempe (29./Handelfmeter, 39.). Kiel finished the game tenth after Jannik Dehm had seen the yellow-red card in the 51st minute.

Before 8527 spectators the north Germans had determined the initial phase and had used equal the first two goal chances. Darmstadt, however, showed morale and stayed tuned. Kempke turned a handball kick caused by Dehm into a follow-up goal. Kiel immediately countered with Serra, who was successful by head. Kempe, however, provided suspense with his second goal. Captain Cooks Casino‘s site is simple and easy to use, with hundreds of games to play from.

In the second round, the match remained competitive, but there were fewer chances for a goal. Kiel, outnumbered, withdrew and lurked for counterattacks. Darmstadt came up with little to overcome the defensive of the North Germans. Instead, Kinsombi provided for the 4-2.